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DigiMix Camp: Mix and Mastering Training

Do you wish your mixes sounded the way they do in your head?

UnderTide Studio is hosting its first ever DigiMix Camp for Mixing and Mastering Audio. Are you a beginner? Learn how to set up your very own digital studio, develop your work flow, blending techniques! Already experienced? Learn tips and tricks for EQ and Compression, intermediate mix techniques that can add serious style points to your mix and make it stand out more than the rest, and much more! Plus gain access to a vault of studio grade practice stems for you to practice with! 

Learn and Access Anywhere and Anytime!

Once you sign up and pay the entrance fee ($30 USD), you will be sent the link to sign in as a member to my site and access the modules as they become available on your computer, smart phone, or tablet! Again, You will have access to all 3 modules which have Videos, guides, Studio grade stem files to practice with, as well as some links to some of the top VSTs I use when mixing, all on your devices! Sign up now to reserve your spot and start kicking beats! 

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