• Music & Vocal Mixes

  • Original Works, Covers, Demos

  • Human, Vocaloid, Utau, Misc. Vocalists

  • Western genres, Anime, Vocaloid, Video-Game, Kpop, JPop, Metal, Screamo, Nu Rock, Etc.

  • Songs requiring an intrumental arrangement.

Recorded File Requirements: 

Please send me the following files upon acceptance of the commission: NOTE: WAV/FLAC format recommended in a ZIP or RAR Folder.

  • Instrumental, off-vocal, or karaoke track (Unless requesting the Production type packages)

  • Raw Vocal Recordings (acapella/no background music, Untouched/straight from the mic with no other effects or reverb applied)

Please note: No overlapping phrases, submit separate tracks (pre-timed lines give a discount so leave the silence where the overlap would occur sing each overlapping part separate. I will edit them together correctly).

Completed Product Formats:

  • WAV & Mp3 stream-quality Provided

  • M4A, AIFF, FLAC available upon request (Stems given in FLAC format)

  • 92k, 128k, 256k, 320k bit-rates available

Once completed I will be sending the Finished Product via our Specified Method of Contact (ie. Email, Skype, Private Cloud Storage/File Sharing Site, etc). Demos will be sent with a water mark in them every and no ID3 Tags aside from the Mix Credits and My Commission site link. Complete ID3 Tags will be set upon complete payment of the commission. 

Not Accepted:
  • Excessive Swearing or profanity

  • Country songs

  • Songs you will be utilizing for profit (unless royalty contract is established).

Commission Procedure:

To commission me, select a package from my rates page  and select the corresponding "Order now" and features desired along with any other details that will help the consultation process. During this time you may also upload samples of microphone sound/vocals to help me give you an accurate quote. 

Please be sure to read through the terms and conditions completely before submitting your commission request.

Payment will be in US Dollars (USD) and all transactions are conducted through paypal. DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS UNLESS I HAVE ACCEPTED YOUR COMMISSION AND DISCUSSED FINAL COST! NOTE: A Paypal account is not required if you own a debit or credit card. If you are from another country outside of the US, please remember international transaction fees will be payed by you (the sender) depending on which country you are a part of. If your currency is not in USD you may find the exchange rate conversion here.

Upon receiving an order, I will be sending a confirmation email  within 24 hours of recieving the order. This confirmation email will confirm the package and additional features (if any) are correct. In addition I will include a price quote and an estimated-frame for mix completion (Please allow at least 2 weeks advance notice of a order or it will be declined as a certainty). Upon confirmation, an invoice for the mix's starting fee (see terms and conditions) will be sent and is expected to be paid before any mixing is done. Usually I require at least half of the final price up front to begin.

Upon completion of the commission and payment in full, a lossless WAV version (ideal for video rendering) and a HQ 320k Mp3 version (ideal for streaming/downloading) without any watermark sounds and fully completed ID3 tags, will be sent. If a different file format or bit-rate is desired, please make a note of it when submitting your order.

Each commission order includes up to four revisions free of cost. Major additional revisions (such as re-tuning, major timing adjustment, glitch fixing, etc) will add $4 to a final invoice per adjusted mix.

Commission orders are for non-commercial, personal use and distribution only. If commissions are found to be monetized or for commercial use of ANY sort, I will charge a royalty fee of 10% of the final cost of the mix. As stated in the terms of service, I do not accept commercial commissions at this current time. 

Crediting is mandatory in the description of any video's to contain credits to me along with a link to my commission site and Youtube Channel. You may credit me as UnderTide Studio. 


Mixed and Mastered by: UnderTide Studio
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