Please read through the Terms of Service Completely before commissioning me, any commissions that go against the terms of service will be declined:

By commissioning me you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms below: 


Paid Service:

   I offer these commissions as a paid service. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to pay the discussed amount in full by the end of the commission or sessions. I hold every right to decline a commission and am not obligated to state my reason (though generally will as a courtesy)  and you as the client have every right to withdraw your request and receive a partial refund (I will keep the 25% of paid amount as fee for start service, or the $20 down payment; whichever is less ) up till the first demo reel. After first Demo is Complete No Refunds will be allowed. 


Tips and Donations:

   Though I offer base prices for my work, I still do believe in gratitude and the ability to donate of your own free will by giving small monetary tips along side the payments for my service. You as the client are not obligated to give a tip, it is just a cool way to say thank you to me aside from just fee payments. Remember, this is my job so I have to pay my bills some how. 


Attribution and Credit:

   I offer these commissions under the context that you as the client will attribute me as the Mixer, Audio Engineer, or any other Synonymous term in the description of the song or song information. You will provide a link to my YouTube or Wix Commission Page, to aid publicity but do not have to do any further publicizing unless you desire to. 


Professionalism Reminder:

    I again remind you that I am not a professional Audio Engineer, but self-taught/formally instructed with experience. Thus, I will not accept commissions from large organizations, businesses, or companies. 



    I only accept United States Dollar (USD). Payment must be made (at least half, if not full, price of discussed cost) before I start the commission.  If payed half at beginning, the other half must be paid at the end before receiving Finished Product. Do NOT pay until I accept your commission. No refunds will be made after the First Demo of the mix.

Please be sure to check the "No Address Needed" option in PayPal and communicate your payments with me so I can record that you payed me. Please write your user name/profile name/email address/name so that I know who you are.



   I ask that you do not give me a deadline unless it is for a gift; extra payment will be added for deadlines. Commissions with a deadline will be placed on high priority before the general ones. Please give up to 2-5 weeks (depending on the complexity) for it to be completed.



   Audio will be sent to me in either WAV or MP3 Format only (preferably WAV). Commissions will be requested at least 2 weeks in advance of due date (if there is one). You may request up to 3 Demos of your commission (though I may also send you more during the process to get your input on if you need anything else done to it (these demos being labeled "WM" within the file name and with auditory watermark).

By agreeing to collaborate with UnderTide Studio, You are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions as outlined and are agreeing to follow them as procedure. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in immediate dismissal of the collaboration.