Tips for Recording:

  1. Try to record about 5-6 inches away from your microphone.

  2. Record in a place with many soft dense/sound absorbing items like pillows and blankets or clothes (closets work great if you cont have acoustic foam or a studio to record in)

  3. Record Quiet to avoid clipping and distortion. I can always turn up your vocals to the desired volume. 

  4. Warm up and do a few takes unrecorded then record. 

  5. Dont "One Shot" the song. Multiple takes are fine, just pick and choose the best ones to send to me for compiling.

  6. If you are using an interface, turn the gain down till its audible BUT not extremely loud.

  7. Sending Raw audio in WAV or FLAC format gives it a lossless format which is why it takes longer to send (The audio is uncompressed and gives full frequency access).

  8. Do not add any effects to the vocals. Remember, its easy to add, but if done wrong, its hard to fix then. You can only add, not remove.

  9. Try to give your audio engineer/mixer at least 2 weeks in advance as they have lives too.

  10. Respect is key to a good experience. Respect the person working to help you and they are usually more inclined to do a better job.